56 Things You Can Ask Siri Featured

56 Things Pilots can ask Siri:

1. What time is it in __________?

2. What time is sunset in ________?

3. When does daylight saving time begin/end?

4. What day is Easter in 2016?

5. Text (person) we landed in _______

6. Turn on airplane mode

7. Make my screen brighter/dimmer

8. Call Signature Flight Support Baltimore

9. Open Marriott App

10. Send text to ________

11. Read my text/email

12. Check my email

13. Call Canpass (if it is in your contacts)

14. How many liters is 200 gallons?

15. How many bar is 230 PSI? (France)

16. What is 30 Celsius in Fahrenheit?

17. What is the temperature in_____?

18. How windy is it in______?

19. What is 6790 divided by 6.75

20. How many meters is 1800 feet? (RVR)

21. How many millibars is 29.92 inches of mercury?

22. What is my altitude?

23. What is the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar?

24. How many dollars is 35 euro?

25. Create an airplane stock list (list can be shared)

26. Add____ to airplane stock list

27. Remind me to order catering in an hour, at 8am tomorrow, next Monday at 6….

28. Wake me up at 5 am, in an hour, in 8 hours…..

29. What is on my schedule for today, tomorrow, next week……?

30. What is on my ____ list?

31. What is the distance between ____ and ____?

32. Directions to_______

33. Walking directions to _________

34. How long will it take me to get to_____?

35. What is my ETA?

36. Find me a good pizza place

37. Where is the closest public parking?

38. I need to relax, play Chopin Walt in C sharp minor

39. What is the stock price for _______?

40. What was the score of the Patriots game?

41. What is the capital of _____?

42. What was the top movie/song/TV show in 19____?

43. How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

44. What does ______ mean?

45. What is the speed of sound?

46. How many miles per hour is Mach .92?

47. How do you spell_________?

48. How is the Dow doing?

49. Who do the Red Wings play next?

50. What is the population of__________?

51. What language do they speak in the Czech Republic?

52. How many calories/grams of fat/Carbs/Protein/ are in a beer? A Big Mac?

53. Call me Sky King

54. What is the age of consent in Taiwan?

55. What is racecar spelled backwards?

56. Tell me a story

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