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Week of 4/20/20 Activity Challenge

"Think Nice Thoughts"


This weeks spin of the virtual wheel landed on the "Think Nice Thoughts" challenge.

The goal is to only say or think nice thoughts about people or things and for every time you catch yourself doing otherwise you have to donate a sum of your choice to your favorite charity.

The challenge was off to a rough start as I caught myself thinking thoughts that were not the nicest on several occasions.  I think the by noon I was up to 8 instances!  Appalled, I endeavored to do better.  I found what was lacking and in need of development was some internal self monitoring.  I had to have a separate me watching, monitoring the other me, for one to be a gate keeper and catch when my mind was starting to head the wrong way and then to keep count when I did.  

I'm still working on developing that discipline but am finding it to get much easier as time goes.  It has been amazing to me to catch my self frequently thinking negative thoughts once my monitoring skill became more enhanced.  Why I wonder does a mind do that?  Is it just a bad habit or is there some deeper, evolutionary reason?  





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