How to Tune Your Radar? Summer Weather is Coming So Now Is a Good Time to Refresh Your WX Radar Knowledge Click Here From More:

It’s been a normal flight and your mind thinks ahead to your upcoming quick turn.  Looking across the cockpit you notice the right boost pump annunciator is illuminated.  You mention the condition to the other pilot who remarks; “That can’t happen.  The boost pump can’t activate on it’s own without tripping a Master Caution.”  Is he right or is he wrong or does it matter?

Confused about the Correct Transponder Setting on the Ground?

FAA Looks at Roles and Responsibilities for Pilot Flying (PF) and Pilot Monitoring (PM), Now More Important Than Ever With Wi-Fi Equipped Airplanes.

The standby instrument approach may be one of the most critical and challenging emergency procedures you will ever have to perform.   Here is how you can master it!

What are the legal requirements to act as Second-In-Command in an Excel?  I talked to the experts and here is what I found out:


I was recently contacted by an XLPilotStaffing.Com pilot who was confused as to the legal requirements to act as a Second in Command (SIC) in a turbojet aircraft.   This pilot mentioned it had been more than a year since his last Citation Excel proficiency check but he had obtained a Beechjet type within the last 12 months.  Could he still act as SIC in an Excel?  Taking a look at the FAR’s is easy to see how one could have a hard time determining the answer to this question so I decided to call in some experts.

Pilots of all levels of experience and backgrounds tend to make the same mistakes..  Here they are and ways you can avoid them.

Try these sample questions to see if you could ace a Part 91/135 Oral Exam on a Citation Excel or XLS:

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