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28 Feb 2014
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Try these sample questions to see if you could ace a Part 91/135 Oral Exam on a Citation Excel or XLS:

At XLPilotStaffing.Com we encourage all of our contract pilots to stay up to speed on their aircraft systems knowledge.  Use the sample question to test your knowledge.


91/135 Excel Sample Oral Exam Questions
Aircraft General
  What is the approximate wing span of the XL/XLS?
  What is the approximate height of the XL/XLS?
  What are Vortex Generators, how many required for flight?
  What indications do we have in the cockpit if a nose door is not secure?
  What things would you check before starting the APU on the ground?
  What are the APU Gen amp limits on the ground? Inflight?
   What is the maximum inflight airspeed for APU start?
  What are the memory actions for APU fire?
Electrical System
  What are the sources of DC power to the main electrical system?
  What is the maximum number of battery starts in 1 hour?
  What is the minimum battery voltage for engine start?  APU?
  What are the memory actions for a battery over temperature condition?
  What are the engine driven generator amp limits?
  If we lose all generator input how long will the battery supply power?
Hydraulic Systems
  What is normal hydraulic system pressure? Maximum?
  What aircraft items are operated off the main hydraulic system?
  How do we know if there is adequate hydraulic fluid in the system?
  What could be the result of the hydraulic system remaining pressurized?
  What airspeed is associated with most hydraulic system operations?
Powerplant and Fire Protection
   What models do we have on the XL/XLS?
  What is the maximum ITT on start?
  What is the maximum oil consumption?
  How many ignitiors and when do they come on automatically?
  What protects the engine from overspeed?
  How do we preflight the engine fire protection system?
  What might give you a false engine fire indication?
  What are the memory actions for an engine fire light illuminated?
  What is the minimum altitude that you would perform the memory items?
  How do we test the Radio Altimeter?
  What is the maximum ground time with a Radome Fan Annunciator?
  Which IAC contains the Auto Pilot Computer?
  Is dispatch allowed with an inoperative MFD? PFD?
Lighting and Master Warning
  What do we have for interior emergency lighting and for how long? Cockpit lights on Emer Bus?
  What turns on the Cabin Emergency Lights and when are they to be turned on?
  What tuns on ice detection lights? (Wing, Windshield)
Environmental & Pressurization
    What will cause Emergency Pressurization to Activate?
    What is normal cabin differential pressure?
    How is pressurization affected with the controller in the Isobaric Mode
   What causes the pressurization controller to operate in the Hi Alt mode?
  What are the sources for environmental air?
  What is the temperature range for heating and cooling of the cabin?
  What is a concern when operating the TCV in manual?
  What are the memory action items for an emergency descent?
  At what altitudes does the Cabin Alt annunciatior illuminate?
Fuel System
  If the fuel gauge reads 6850, what is the maximum useable fuel?
  On preflight I see we have an 850 lb imbalance.  What do we do?
  Line person is in a hurry and wants to single point refuel at 60 psi?
  If I have a Low Fuel Level light and I have 400 pounds.  Is that right?
  When will the right boost pump come on automatically?
Oxygen System
  How many cubic feet of oxygen do you carry in your bottle?
  What conditions warrant at least one pilot using supplemental oxygen?
  What is the maximum cabin altitude the crew masks are certified to?
  What are the temperature limits for the crew oxygen masks?
Ice Protection
  What is the minimum speed in icing?
  When are we required to test and turn on icing equipment?
   What icing protection do we have when the battery is in EMER?
  What conditions will cause the wing anti-ice to be deactivated?
Performance and Flight Planning
  What is the maximum slush or water depth for taxi, takeoff?
  What is the minimum runway width when using TR’s and wet for takeoff?
  What is the minimum required approach gross climb gradient?
  What conditions were met when determining Landing Field Length?
Weight and Balance
  What is the maximum takeoff weight?
  What is the maximum weight in the baggage compartment?
  What is the maximum seat weight?
  What is the maximum zero fuel weight?
Speed Limitations
  What are the flap extension speeds?
  What are the maximum gear extension speeds?
  What is the maximum speed with a TR in EMER Stow?
  What is the maximum speed with a stab in the takeoff position?
Gear and Brakes
  What is the maximum tire ground speed?
  How is the gear released from the up locks?
  Is anti-skid required for dispatch and when does it test?
  What are the maximum tire pressures and strut extensions
Flight Controls
  What is the maximum altitude with a stab in the takeoff position?
  How do we test rudder bias and is it required for takeoff
  How many aileron trim tabs do we have?
  What are the actions for a run away trim?

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