Contract Pilots Get Blamed For Everything! Don't Be a Fall Guy or Girl Featured

17 Feb 2014
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No matter how hard you try not to be, as an XLPilotStaffing.Com contract pilot you are considered an inconvenience to the operator. This because there is no way you can do things exactly as the normal two pilot crew would.

Since you are the new variable in an otherwise normal situation, chances are you will be blamed for everything that goes wrong whether it is your fault or not.

Therefore, the goal for you is to not only make no mistakes yourself but to keep the operator from making mistakes as well.

Let's face it, even though you are not the PIC as a contract pilot you have to plan and prepare like you are. In most operations the lead pilot is not normally responsible for all tasks required for preparing for and carrying out a flight. However on a contract trip, the operator may feel pressure to do it all and will invariably miss something. For this reason it is more important than ever for you to check Weather, NOTAM's, Delays, Flight Times, Fuel Burn, Performance, Weight & Balance, etc.

Offer early on to the to assist the lead pilot in flight preparation and early communication between the two of you is key if the flight is to come off without a hitch.

Remember, it is part of your job to make the lead pilot look good!

To see a sample of a Citation Excel & XLS Contract Pilots Pre-Flight Checklist that will help you be all you can be:  Click Here

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