Mayo Clinic Announces ProPilot Program

Mayo Clinic now offers a program to keep pilots healthy in order to enjoy a long aviation career. 

Can you afford to take 8 months off work?  

Either could I but that is what 3 highly recommended local surgeons told me I was going to have to do.  I even had the surgery scheduled.  Then a friend recommended I get another opinion from Mayo Clinic.  Not only did Mayo say I did not need surgery but they were able to fix my problem during the 1 hour visit.

Ever had and abnormal EKG?  

Not a good thing when going for your First Class Medical but mine came up with the warning of LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy).  The doctor recommended I go see a specialist so I headed back to Mayo.  Turns out I have a thing known as "Runner's Heart" and it's normal for athletic individuals.

Both cases could have affected my career but if I had gone to Mayo from they start they would have been non-issues.

That is why I was happy to learn about Mayo Clinic's new ProPilot program during my visit to NBAA.

Everyone has their favorite AME but:

Sure, you probably have your favorite doctor when it comes time to renew your medical.  I mean who from Orlando doesn’t remember, “Keep ‘Em Flying Ian”.  You build up a history and a confidence that maybe the doc will cut you some slack if you can’t quite read that one line on the eye chart. 

But isn’t that somewhat short term?  Isn’t your goal really to have a long career of flying by knowing what you can do, not just to pass your next First Class, but what you can do to increase your odds of passing your next 30?


One Stop Shopping:

One of the great benefits of Mayo is they can do it all in house.  While your regular AME may see something he/she is not sure of, sending you off for lab work or to see a specialist, Mayo has specialists in every field of medicine and a full lab all under one roof.  

Here are more benefits of the Mayo ProPilot Program:

  • Performing planned preventive screening examinations 

  • Being a resource for pilots experiencing a medical issue that has the potential to affect their medical certificate, including identifying medical conditions early 

  • Providing transitional care, such as filling prescriptions and developing clinical recommendations for treatment that can be done closer to home 

Currently, the service is only available in Rochester, MN however I did speak with the Dr. Leigh L Speicher from Mayo in Jacksonville, FL.  Dr. Speicher is an AME, does pilot medical exams, and has access to the resources in Rochester if needed.  She can be reached at 904-953-2092.  The program is so popular they are running 3 months out on appointments so don’t delay if you think you might want to give it a try.

For more information about the full ProPilot program, check out their web site at

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